Risk Management Part III Risk Control Measures, Program Management and the Return on Investment

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Risk Management Part III

The third and final part of our series addresses the topic of risk control techniques and other relevant aspects of a risk management program to eliminate, or minimize, losses to your assets.  Understanding the basics of risk control techniques is an important step in establishing a risk management program for your organization. Other business issues that directly affect your risk management program which are addressed in this course include:

  • Business contract insurance indemnification and hold harmless requirements
  • OCIP/CCIP/Wrap programs and how they can directly affect your business insurance coverages and costs.
  • Certificates of insurance issues and methods for managing them
  • Risk management program set up and reporting
  • Benchmarking and measuring the return on investment in a risk management process


As a wrap up and final comprehensive review of the course, we will also explore a model business risk management scenario. In this project, the participants will engage as a class to:

       Identify assets and risk exposures

       Analyze these exposures to risk

       Evaluate and prioritize methods to address the risk

       Develop a process for implementation 

The overall goal is to help you protect your business in an efficient and cost effective manner to increase growth opportunities and profitability. 


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