OSHA 7200 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control for Healthcare Facilities

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This course covers the development and implementation of
Exposure Control Plans (ECP) for healthcare facilities. This
course is designed for the program administrator, manager,
or other personnel designated with the responsibility of
developing a Bloodborne Pathogens ECP for a healthcare
facility. Course highlights include students developing a
template for their facility's ECP.

The hazard of exposure to infectious materials affects employees in many types
of employment and is not restricted to the healthcare industry. It is also not
restricted to age, race or sex. A newborn baby can be infected with a bloodborne
virus, just as easily as an elderly person. While this course is designed for the
healthcare industry, the concepts can be applied to any workplace that has
exposure to blood or any body fluid visibly contaminated with blood.

Course Topics Include:
Understanding the OSHA
Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
Determining potential exposure
and methods of control
Developing an ECP, vaccinations,
exposure incidents, training, and
record keeping.

Upon successful completion of this course
you will increase your skill and knowledge
about the general requirements of the
standard to help you develop an exposure
control plan for your facility. The course
will provide a step-by-step approach to
completing an exposure control plan that
can be used at your facility.

This course meets one of the requirements to earn Mid Atlantic OSHA Training
Institute Education Center NEW Healthcare Safety and Health Specialist Certificate

Maximum 2 students per company