Indoor Air Quality - Is my office making me sick

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  • The employer has a responsibility to provide the employee a work place free of recognized hazards to their health (OSHA’s general duty clause)
  • What Some typical symptoms of problems in the work environment are odors, headaches, runny stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, Dry, itchy eyes, general malaise, Symptoms that get better when away from work
  • Any evaluation should begin with a survey of the workers to elicit their help. The workers can be helpful in identifying periodic activities that cause or contribute to the concerns.
  • After the worker survey is evaluated an on site survey of the work site should be conducted. The survey should be comprehensive and evaluate all aspects of the work environment and adjacent areas.
  • Temperature - proper temperature control is important in maintaining comfort in the work environment. Work temperatures too hot or too cold affects worker productivity.
  • MOLD and what to do when mold is present in the work place
  • And so much more...



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