Jim Maddux on Safety Leadership

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The Growing Conversation About Safety Leadership

Most of todays safety thought leaders agree that improving safety leadership is a vital part of improving workplace safety culture.  Learn about safety leadership and join the conversation in this 2-hour seminar.  The discussion will cover safety leadership principles, research findings, and recent developments in the safety leadership arena.  The session will also cover leadership skills development, and includes an interactive session where participants can share their safety leadership ideas and experiences.

Jim Maddux recently retired from OSHA, where he was the Director of the OSHA Directorate of Construction.

Before being appointed to the construction position in 2010, Jim held several leadership positions at OSHA, including Director of the Office of Physical Hazards, the Office of Maritime, the Office of Biological Hazards, and Acting Deputy Director for the Directorate of Standards and Guidance.  

Jim has been a project director, author and contributor to numerous OSHA standards, guidance, enforcement, and outreach projects.  Topics include cranes, communication tower safety, personal protective equipment, pandemic influenza, injury and illness recordkeeping, ergonomics, motor vehicle safety, hearing conservation, and maritime safety issues.  He was a major contributor to the OSHA/NIOSH/CPWR fall prevention campaign and stand-down.

Jim has a Bachelors degree in economics, an Associate degree in computer information systems, and an Associate degree in chemistry.