Heat Illness Prevention

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Join us to learn more about how to carry out Heat Illness Prevention Training
Take valuable resources with you to help you implement a training program back at your facility. Learn effective ways to communicate this life saving information that encourage discussion and enable workers to be involved in keeping the job safe.

Topics Include:
• Health Effects of the Heat
• How to Respond to the Symptoms
• Preventing Heat Exhaustion

Why is it important to prevent heat illness?
• Heat illness can be a matter of life and death. Workers die from heat stroke every
summer and every death is preventable
• When heat stroke doesn’t kill immediately, it can shut down major body organs
causing acute heart, liver, kidney and muscle damage, nervous system problems, and blood disorders
• Have a serious injury or death occur at work affects everyone at a worksite.
• Workers suffering from heat exhaustion are at greater risk for accidents, since they are less alert and
can become confused.

Learn about products and resources that can help you beat the heat!

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