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Back injuries account for 1 in 5 workplace injuries every year. Beat those odds and reduce absenteeism with our Back Safety Train-the-Trainer PLUS workshop! Get a new DVD program and the training to implement it all for just the cost of the program! J.J. Keller's Back Safety: A Users Guide includes a program DVD, an instructors guide, 11 employee handbooks, and an awareness poster for your facility.

Back injuries account for 1 in 5 workplace injuries every year; training helps employees maintain back health and reduce potential for back injuries and absenteeism

This course covers proper lifting procedures, workplace scenarios, and how lifestyle choices and everyday activities can contribute to back problems

This course uses innovative safety training approach called the "Whole Life/Health Cycle" to help employees build good habits

In just 30 minutes, your employees will learn:

  • The surprising truth about the most "back-breaking" jobs
  • Everyday behaviors that can lead to nagging back injuries and problems
  • How movement and posture affect back health
  • Simple stretches and exercises to help preserve back health ... on the job and off


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Continental Breakfast and Student Materials

*Bring your backup! Additional employees from your facility can attend for just $95, but will only receive the instructor's guide.

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